V-Ray 2.0 New Feature Training Videos

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Over 3.5 Hour New Feature Training Video brought to you by the CGschool

With so many new features added to V-Ray 2.0, it can be hard to get up to speed quickly.  VRay.info is providing a FREE four hour training video going over all of the latest additions to the most popular rendering engine on the planet.  Taught by industry expert and co-owner of Netron, and owner of VRay.info in Norway, Torgeir Holm will cover everything you will need to know to be production ready with V-Ray 2.0.  This video is being offered exclusively by CGschool, CGarchitect and VRay.info and can't be found anywhere else.

1. User Interface (VRay items in create menu, VFB improvements, VFB rollout EXR features)
2. Materials (VRayCarPaint, Dispersion, Dim distance, VRayDistanceTex, VRayHDRI with tiled OpenEXR, VRayMultiSubTex)
3. Render Elements (DRBucket, VRayLightSelect)
4. Lights (Directional Planar VRayLights, VRayLightLister, VRayLightMeter)
5. Cameras (ExposureControl, Stereoscopic Rig, Shademaps, LensEffects, Lens Analysis and distortion)
6. GI (Bi Directional Path Tracing, Retrace options in the Lightcache)
7. RT and RT GPU
8. Roundup of other improvements and minor features.