Autograss WorkStation (Single License)

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Feature Summary

Eleven grass type presets Density mapping
Twelve grass material presets Length mapping
Four earth material presets Cutoff mapping
Adjustable variation Thatch mapping
Unlimited grass in your scenes Direction mapping

Autograss is your one-click grass solution for V-Ray

Select your object, click Autograss, and you're done. You've got photorealistic grass that renders in V-Ray for 3ds Max.

Advanced multi-threaded memory management

Autograss uses Happy Digital's advanced memory management system. That means Autograss uses only a fixed amount of RAM no matter how much grass is in the scene, whether it's a one-acre lawn or an entire golf course. No crashes, no nonsense. And it's fully multi-threaded, so all your cores are driven to their full potential.

Realistic grass presets

Autograss includes eleven preset grass types covering the most commonly used grasses. You don't need to model any grass. The scientists at Happy Digital studied radiometrically calibrated photographs to ensure the grass presets have true-to-life shape and color when used with V-Ray's physical cameras and sun / sky system, from sunrise to sunset. In addition to these presets, Autograss provides you with mapping and variation to produce special effects like worn-out trails and lawnmower paths.

Autograss works in your scene

Autograss works in any scene, from a cozy back yard to an entire eighteen-hole golf course. There's no need to divide your scenes into passes or layers. Yes, you can render the whole thing in one go, and it works with all of V-Ray's great features, like shadows, reflections, depth of field, and global illumination.

Autograss fits in your RAM

You tell Autograss how much RAM to use, and it firmly sticks to that amount even in enormous scenes, thanks to Happy Digital's proprietary memory management system. The default setting is 256 megabytes. Of course if you have RAM to spare, you can tell Autograss to use more and get a render speed boost. And don't worry about setting it too high: Autograss automatically detects when the system is running low on memory and adjusts its own usage to avoid paging to disk.

Rendered in 616 seconds on a 2.8GHz 8-core Mac Pro running Windows XP 64 using high-quality V-Ray settings (min 2, max 24 image sampler subdivs, 0.005 noise threshold, motion blur enabled). The lawn is 30 meters wide and 30 meters long with about 30 million grass blades.

Autograss scales to multiple CPU cores.

Autograss maxes out every available CPU core when rendering. For typical scenes like the house with lawn shown here, eight CPU cores render up to 7 times faster than a single CPU core. The speed-up varies for extremely large scenes, but is still several times faster than a single CPU core. The engineers at


Happy Digital put a lot of effort into this feature so that your prized render farm CPUs don't go to waste.



Misc Product Info

Supported Applications:
Autodesk 3ds max & V-Ray
Happy Digital

Delivery Information

Product Delivery Information:
Autograss is delivered electronically from the vendor. You will receive a second email from us with your account information and registration key as soon as they process your order.

Autograss Demo (x86) (, 17,464 Kb) [Download]

Autograss Demo (x64) (, 17,478 Kb) [Download]

Autograss User Guide Version 1.0 (AutoGrass_documentation001.pdf, 3,683 Kb) [Download]