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IgNite is our flagship ‘go to’ productivity and workflow tool set 3ds Max® artists use to speed up daily work, bringing everything into one location, including 10 bespoke utility plugins and loading all your favorite scripts. 

The IgNite Springboard is packed with tools to speed up your everyday workflow.   Basic tools rollout informs you on scene setting and viewport controls.  Copy/Paste from scene to scene.  Make up to 4k playblasts or stills. Rename, search and selects tools. Objects Tools are packed will animation tools, Glue to surface, Live measurement tools and much more. 

Plugin Features 

● Scene setup tools
● Playblast - Up to 4K network play blasts (Thinkbox Deadline)
● Custom Maxscript launcher
● Object and animation tools
Bulk ProxSi Creation
● Select and rename tools 

● Much more!

Utility Tools

● Forensic - Scene check and repair
● Scribe - Spline tools including CAD clean up
Sculpt - Poly tools including retopologize
● Jumble - Random object selection and transforms 
● Illumi - HDRI wizard 
Ami - 3d asset management, ingest and search/import. (Coming Soon)
Unite - Relinks missing file paths (Coming Soon)  
SiClops - Camera control tools. (In development)
Complii - Render pass preparation tool (In development)
Submit - Multi camera render submission (In development) 

Updates to version 1.02  
Object Replace - Converting a CAD plan to 3d landscape 
Clean up NYC 3d model in under 10 minutes!




Forensic, Scene check and repair tool




Scribe, is a complete shape and spline manipulation toolset.  





Sculpt, is a polygon and mesh manipulation toolset. 






Jumble, Random transformation plugin





Illumi, HDRI plugin 

Comes bundled with professional HDRI collection from HDRI Skies.


Misc Product Info

Supported Applications:

Supports 3ds Max 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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