ambientLight Beach Texture Pack

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Beach Texture Pack - 10 Seamless Beach Textures

Seamless Photographic Textures of various Beach types, all hand edited to tile seamlessly. Each texture is complete with its own bump map. Can be used in any application supporting imported textures. All textures are JPEG Format.

Misc Product Info

Technical Specifications:
10 1200x1200 pixel Photographic Seamless Beach Textures
10 1200x1200 pixel Bump maps 1 for each texture


Texture list:
1. Soft Sand
2. Course Sand
3. Rippled Sand
4. Mature Sand
5. Mature Sand 2
6. Sand/Shells
7. Shingle Large
8. Shingle Medium
9. Shingle Small
10.Shingle Stepped
$13.00 USD
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